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Devry University Laptop Purchase Proposal

In an effort to provide Devry students with the best and most affordable laptops, I have research completed that I must share with our team. Besides affordability, which is a top priority on my list of requirements; portability, capacity, and useful life are the qualities the laptop of choice will provide our students for future years. One other item is so important to our students and that is customer service support for ordering, timely ordering, and warranty support. It is vital that if something goes wrong with a laptop; the service will be quick and affordable. We need to make sure our students have access to their laptops at all time and that technical problems can be fixed with a quick turnaround time. Please read this proposal and recommendation carefully as the laptop of choice was selected.

Each of our Devry Campuses offers unique and specialized programs that require different specifications for laptops. (3) The graphics and programming software that a Macintosh computer offers is necessary for programs such as Media Arts and Technology. (7) Whereas, the Engineering majors will need access to Auto Cad which is known as working best on a PC based laptop instead of a Macintosh.(4) Devry business majors and general studies majors will be required to type papers, prepare presentations, create databases, and work their accounting programs in spreadsheets. All students regardless of their major will need software that provides them with the same basic software needs business and general studies majors require; meaning Microsoft Office is a must for a software package. Also, internet connection is vital for any student for research purposes and class communication. This proposal focuses on a basic business laptop that can be used for all majors that have a general studies focus and a core curriculum in the college of business. It will include the option to upgrade the proposed basic laptop if they...
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