Scientific Education

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Science Education


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Science education and scientific education are not just a play of words. There is a world of difference between the two. One is a subject. The other is a philosophy. Yet, the two are not at the two opposite ends of a continuum either. They are complementary to each other in nature and supplementary to each other in their ability to contribute to each other.

What is science?

1) It is a body of knowledge about systematically organized facts and truths. 2) It is acquired through a meticulous and robust process of observation, experimentation, analysis and judgment. 3) Science is complete when it can be applied for a useful activity.

Why knowledge of science is important:

Learning the discipline of science is a basic human necessity. It is a right of every human being as well as a duty. This is because science has permeated every aspect of human life that it is almost impossible to be insulated from it. It establishes an important and essential relationship between man and his environment. Besides, science is perhaps the best way to contribute to the betterment of life - be it an individual's own life or to the lives of other human beings.

Distinction between science education and scientific education:

Going by the way the learning of science is being practiced in schools, there is a strong need to evaluate the distinction between science education and scientific education.

1)Real goal
The real goal of science education is knowledge acquisition -building up a wealth of knowledge, info, data and facts in the fields of mathematics, physics, chemistry and life sciences.

The real goal of scientific education is the gaining of wisdom - building up a wealth of information on...
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