Self Monologue

Topics: Personal life, Eleanor Roosevelt, Face Pages: 2 (742 words) Published: April 4, 2012
Self Monologue

I don’t exactly have any hobbies nor do I play any kinds of sports, though I would’nt exactly call myself an ordinary person… Sitting here in my room for hours staring at a blank page, waiting for all those brilliant ideas to pop into my mind… Nothing. Absolutely nothing. So in my dismay, I have come up with this… Hello, my name is Katherin Motes and my life is just about anything but normal. It has taken about sixteen long years to create the person that I am today. Within these years, other than going to school and relaxing with my friends, I have spent most of my free time getting more involved in activities or groups potentially progressive to my overall life. From six to ten years old I gained some modeling experience, plenty of photo-shoots, only a couple of ads. From seven to nine, I was into gymnastics. Although, I had no ambitions to further myself in the sport, therefore the overall lack of effort put into gymnastics shows how nothing is learned without effort. From ages 10 – 13, I tried cheerleading, but of course I easily lost interest in that also... It took me long enough to realize that sports were not exactly my ‘forte’; but no matter the activity, no matter the cost, my parents would do anything in the world to satisfy my wants and needs. I grew up in a healthy family. I have a very loving mother and father (still married), and an elder sister. This made my childhood days a lot easier than most; Parents still together and absolutely devoted to one another, and an amazing big sister that I love more than anything in the world to guide me through all the hard times and help me ready myself for what was and is expected in the future. I couldn’t ask for anything more, but although I did live a pretty simple life that doesn’t mean I didn’t have any weak points through it, but truth be told, I would honestly give anything to have that ordinary life style of mine back again… Eleanor Roosevelt once said “You gain strength, courage and...
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