Sex Education in Middle School

Topics: Human sexual behavior, Human sexuality, Sexual intercourse Pages: 4 (1236 words) Published: April 24, 2011
This paper will show studies and polls on how America feels about sex education and on how it should be taught. With these feelings many studies have brought to light on how young America’s youth is engaging in sexual activity. This paper will tell a hard realization of facts and how to go about helping youth with abstinence and for those who are not, safe sex. The sooner that sex education can be taught, the better. If middle school students aren’t taught, learning sex education for the first time in high school can be too late.

Today many parents would not disagree with a sex education course in their child’s curriculum in school. A study done on if sex education should be taught in schools, only seven percent of Americans said that sex education should not be discussed in school ("Sex education in," 2004). The role of educators can be very important in giving information about abstinence, safe sex, or the combination. Millions of dollars over the years have been given to abstinence programs, but sexual activity, sexually transmitted diseases, and pregnancies seem to be increasing in teenagers (Banks, 2010). The main goal in teaching sex education in middle schools would be to explain thoroughly the heath risks involved, how to resist peer pressure, and safe sex.

Not all Americans can agree on what sex education course is best and when it should be taught. The problems are over the issues of abstinence. Less than one fourth of Americans polled said that schools should only teach abstinence from being sexually active. That group also believes that absolutely no information on how to get condoms or any other types of contraception’s. Almost half of Americans polled said that abstinence plus knowledge of concentrations and condoms are needed. They feel like not being sexually active is the best but they know many teens do not abstain. A third of American in the same poll said that sex education should focus on being able to teach good...

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