Should Computers Be Allowed in the Classroom

Topics: Laptop, Personal computer, Desktop computer Pages: 6 (2218 words) Published: November 14, 2010
Today, professors at colleges all around the country are asking the same question. They are wondering whether laptops in the college classroom actually facilitates a student’s ability to learn or rather it distracts them from the lesson being taught. Laptops were originally considered to be "a small niche market" and were thought suitable mostly for specialized field applications such as the military, the Internal Revenue Service, accountants and sales representatives. But today, there are already more laptops than desktops in businesses, and laptops are becoming obligatory for student use and more popular for general use. The conflict lies in that a majority of college professors believe that allowing students to use laptop computers to perform academic assignments in the classroom environment negatively affects their in-class performance more so than it benefits. These individuals will say that laptops distract a bulk number of students and will draw their attention away from the instructors. Others will say that allowing students to use laptops in the classroom engages and assists them while supplying equal access to technology, as well as help cultivate computer skills that will be useful once they enter the workforce. Professors from both sides of this issue provide good arguments to support their opinion, and I have therefore established a solution taking in respect the downsides from those against laptop usage, and the benefits from those who approve of them, which should indefinitely satisfy both sides. Methods of Research

My plan for this report was to avoid a biased solution by reading articles from both sides of the issue. I searched various databases, online articles, and experimental results. There are many articles pertaining to my topic because this issue is becoming more of a problem each day due to the gradual progressiveness of technological reliance in today’s society. I choose to focus my results on one article that was for allowing laptops in the college classrooms, another article that was against allowing laptops, and a third on the results of an experimental study about laptop integration in the classroom. I felt that it was of utmost importance to not just jump into the report with the mentioning of various statistical results and opinions regarding the question whether or not computers should be banned from college classrooms, but to start with making the physical advantages and disadvantages of laptops known. Quotes from the opinions of various professors and researches, as well as the results of anonymous surveys will follow. Results

The first thing I want to focus on is the physical advantages and disadvantages of the functionality of laptops. This will have to do with the various aspects and functions of a laptop. Advantages:

* Portability- can be carried or moved with ease or little effort due to its light weight and compact design. * Versatility- Work can be done in more locations and can be accessed whenever necessary. * Immediacy- Carrying a laptop means having instant access to various information, whether it’s personal or work files. Immediacy allows better collaboration between students, as a laptop can be flipped open to present a problem or a solution anytime, anywhere. * Up-to-date Information- Laptops allow students to have up to date information because students no longer need to continually transfer their data onto inconveniently small and commonly misplaced flash drives, they can instead just use their laptop as both their note taking device and their storage device for their notes and documents. * Connectivity- proliferation of Wi-Fi wireless networks and cellular broadband data services combined with a near-ubiquitous support by laptops means that a laptop can have easy Internet and local network connectivity while remaining mobile. Wi-Fi networks and laptop programs are especially widespread at university campuses. * Size- Laptops are...
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