Skoda Strategic Plan

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Skoda Auto Vision Statement
To have the biggest market share in Europe by looking for extraordinary solutions those satisfy extraordinarily demanding customer. Skoda Auto Mission Statement:
To provide quality sales, service and transportation needs for our customers. This is and will be accomplished through a dedicated team of employees whose number one goal is customer satisfaction along with a management team whose responsibility is to ensure employee satisfaction, and customer enthusiasm. Three basic value of the Skoda brand are:

Intelligence – We continuously seek innovative technical solutions and new ways in which to care for and approach the customers that are most important for us. Our conduct toward the customers is aboveboard, and we respect their desires and needs. Attractiveness – We develop automobiles that are aesthetically and technically of high standard and always constitute an attractive offer for our customers not only in terms of design or technical parameters but also the wide range of offered services. Dedication – We are following the steps of founders our company Messrs. Laurin and Klement. We are enthusiastically working on the further development of our vehicles: we identify ourselves with our products. Skoda Auto business objective

In order to ensure that we are capable of maintaining the pace of development into the future, Skoda Auto set clear directions and specific objectives. In particular, Skoda Auto will focus on new products, new markets, and achieving maximum efficiency and effectiveness in all processes. Through the personal motivation and dedication of all Skoda Auto employees, we intend to continue increasing the quality of our products and services, and thereby further build the reputation of the Skoda brand. Skoda Auto business strategy

Market penetration
Depth of sales of a particular product in a given market; the deeper the penetration, the higher the volume of product sales. In order to expand the sales of current products in markets where their products are already being sold, marketers utilize market penetration strategies such as cutting prices, increasing advertising, obtaining better store or shelf positions for their products, or innovative distribution tactics. Market development

Manufacturers attempt to identify and develop new markets for marketing current products. There are three general strategies applied in market development: (1) working within the demographic market to see if any particular demographic group can be encouraged to buy more of the product or if any new group within the demographics can be encouraged to purchase the product; (2) looking at the institutional market to see if these buyers can be increased; (3) attempting to develop markets in new geographical areas. To affect these strategies, marketers will attempt new distribution methods, change the design of promotional efforts, and attempt to discover and promote innovative uses for an existing product. Product development

Product development is the process by which a company does one of two things: 1) creates an entirely new product that adds to an existing product line or occupies an entirely new niche; 2) modifies or updates an existing product. Successful product development is essential for any business if it hopes to exist for any length of time.

Skoda Auto Vision Statement
I suggested that Skoda Auto use the existing vision statement because it is clearly stated what the company want to become in the future.

Skoda Auto Mission Statement Evaluation Matrix
Organization CustomersProduct/
ServiceMarketsSurvival Growth ProfitTechnologyPhilosophySelf- ConceptPublic ImageEmployees Skoda AutoYesYes No No No Yes Yes No No

Skoda Auto New Mission Statement
Skoda Auto mission is to provide highest quality automobile products and service at a competitive pricing to the market we serve. We develop automobiles that are...
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