Social Science report

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Social Science Report

Made in April 2014 by:
Aldo Lekastudent nr. 352468
Andre Wilmerinkstudent nr. 354535
Table of contents

Target group segmentation

Player persona

Creative thinking

Intellectual property



Target Group Segmentation

Target group: crafty world

Who are they?

The “crafty world” are young people (between 20 and 30) that are raised in a simple family. They come from anywhere where there are medium prosperity areas which is in a city or near a city. They are dynamic, opportunity seeking and have had a medium to high education. Their goal is to achieve success and independence from materials things.

They come from a simple family meaning they never had much special. This creates the urge to make prestige for themselves. Also coming from a simple family means they are medium educated, but because of being opportunity seekers they will find ways to increase their education or make the most of it, giving them a medium to high education.

Because they are dynamic and opportunity seeking, they often achieve these material things. Being dynamic means being active, resolute, effective, lively, enterprising, pushing and energetic. This helps in getting to targets faster. Opportunity seeking means they will find ways to achieve their material things by finding the opportunities that lead them there, by making the opportunities that lead them there.

Their goal is to achieve success and independence from materials things. This means that they have reached success when they can afford material things, like a car, and have reached independence when they use those material things to live on their own, for example a house symbolizes the independence because they live alone, and the success because they can afford it.

They have a job that costs little time so it gives them lots of free time to go out and find opportunities, action and their goal. Because of the free time they know a lot of people, but they don’t commit to their social life.

Their lifestyle is a regular lifestyle due to their medium budget. They are unconscious customers because when they want something they get it.

Leisure time

Because they prefer free time over work, they have a lot of leisure time. In their leisure time they go out, looking for action or stay at home watching action movies or playing action games.

Because they have a fulltime job they don’t have that much free time, they have about 1 to 2 hours a day after work, so there isn’t much spare time. So they mostly contact friends on the internet, look new things up on the internet, play games or watch a movie.

For sports they exercise at the gym or at home to get some bigger muscle, to increase their man power. They also join a group sport because of the competition with the other people.

For holiday, because of the amount of free time and the medium budget they go on holiday once a year to party, find romance and sex and just go for some action. The vacation will take about 1 to 2 weeks at maximum.

They don’t go to museums because there is too little action. They aren’t interested in art or history they are more interested in the action they can acquire to gain elsewhere.

Hobbies are the sports they do, playing games or chatting with friends. Otherwise they have no hobbies. In the time that there’s left they try to relax from work.

Now for games: they mostly like games that require little time, are easy to grasp, just throw you in immediately and can be enjoyed with friends, games that allow them to get action quick.

Player Persona

Jim Jones

Quick stats:
Age: 24.
Occupation: fries baker.
Location: New York City.
Status: single.

About Jim
Jim comes from a simple family, and has moved out 4 years ago. He has lived on his own, he has a very active live, goes out a lot, works part-time and has finished school just recently. Now he is...
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