Speech on Health Is Wealth

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When we are young, we tend to exhibit over confidence about our state of health and we ignore what seem to be minor ailments. A visit to the doctor is a big no-no unless one is so sick there is no alternative. Warning signs are generally put on the backburner and considered unimportant - all with the supreme confidence of youth. But the damage this attitude can cause in the long run is quite scary. Consider yourself one of those lucky ones if these signs do not show up later in life with more severe consequences - in which case you are indeed blessed. But for the majority, later life becomes burdened with various ailments which, your doctor gently points out, could have been nipped in the bud had they been treated as soon as you had become aware of them. Time for regrets or what?

We give you a few tips to follow in your wellness programme that will give you the right approach to this very important factor in your life. Begin by being totally honest with yourself. Are you really and truly 'well' in every sense of the word? Take a look at all the spheres of your life, whether it is the physical, your career, all your relationships, financial position, spiritual aspect, the environment and of course, your emotional well-being. A thorough analysis will help you identify all the areas that need your attention and that need improvement. Next exercise is to set targets for yourself to achieve what you have planned and go about it one step at a time. Maintain a journal to track all this. Find out if you are ready for change should your analysis show that you need to make lifestyle changes. Are you prepared mentally to embrace these? Why don't you write down all the benefits that you stand to gain if you make these changes? This activity might help you to accept it better. Once your goals are clearly defined, it is up to you to implement your plan effectively. In a clinical way, eliminate all impediments and barriers to your success. Work on one barrier at a...
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