Sports in Everyday Life

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Sports in everyday life
According to Gandhiji and Tagore, all round development of a child should depend upon the true education imparted to us. Education must be the result of overall development of the child i.e. Mental, moral, social & physical. Education develops a personality which a person carries forward in his/her life.

But now-a-days more stress is laid on the mental development. Merely being good in academics is not everything. More and more importance should be given to physical development as well. The health of the body is an integral part of any system of education strong and a healthy student can even defeat the scholar in the long run. Sports are necessary for developing a strong and a healthy body. Thus; we can withstand all the problems and intense stress also. Playing a game for sometime refreshes the mind of an individual. It creates a feeling of energy, and makes the player mare enthusiastic. According to me, any sort of education which does not provide physical exercise is incomplete.

Sports provide the basic qualities such as leadership &sportsmanship. The most important thing is that it brings in a team spirit. It also makes one thoroughly disciplined. A victory does not make one very proud of oneself, nor does a defeat make one feel humiliated. Instead you learn to accept defeat with a smile. It creates co-operation and brotherhood. Through sports one can concentrate well in studies also.

The Importance of Sports in Our Lives
Sports can serve a wide range of importance in peoples' lives. For top athletes and those who coach them, it can be the source of a very comfortable livelihood. For sports fans, it can be the most enjoyable aspect of life outside work and school. Others feel that sports is not worthy of any attention even though others are consumed by it. Role Models

Athletes can serve as role models for impressionable youngsters. Children learn from their parents and teachers, but they also see an outside world...
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