Step 1~12: The Hero’s Journey

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Step 1~12: The Hero’s Journey

In the book, “The Hero with a Thousand Faces” by Joseph Campbell it shows us a model of how a hero becomes a real hero. There are include twelve steps which are 1. Uncomfortable/New Environment
2. Call to the Adventure
3. Refusal of the call/Fear of change
4. Meeting with a mentor to overcome fear
5. Crossing the first threshold
6. Test “allies” and “enemies”
7. Approach – training
8. Ordeal – Facing of the fear
9. Reward – if you survive
10. Road Back – come back from the “trip”
11. Resurrection – final big test
12. Return with the Ultimate Boon
Campbell explores the theory that important myths from around the world which have survived for thousands of years all share a fundamental structure, which Campbell called the monomyth. Now, let’s us follow me to see what the twelve steps exactly are and compare the differences between them we may learn a lot of new knowledge for the hero’s journey. It is a very interesting process of studying. Step 1: New Environment that I meet

There is one difficulty that I can always remember it is my first time came to America. It taught me a lot of new stuffs and make me grew up very quickly. It has a big influence for my future life and thinking.

When I was only seventeen, I came here by myself. This place is totally new for me. At the beginning, I feel like there is nothing that I know. New people, new life styles, new language, and new culture they are different from my country. During that time, I was trying to adapt everything as soon as possible I found out a lot of difficulties. Some of American food I did not like, and I also missed Chinese food very much. My family is also not here. When I met these kinds of troubles, I just can face to them by myself. No one I can tell, so I need to grow up to try to solve those problems very quickly. I try to begin to eat American food, and I try to do something new for me. I want to find a way to make them familiar to me.

When I first time went to school here, I also find out learn English is also an important thing for me. If I do not learn it, I will not understand what people talk about in the School and in stores or anywhere in the United States. I think this new environment make me realized that every learner should have complete autonomy. But autonomy should here mean that it is never obligatory to learn a new stuff in a new environment or except you never do not go outside from your house. I choose try to use a positive way to live in the new environment even I was still feel uncomfortable. Step 2: Courage to face problems

The step two is call to the adventure. When a hero meets some troubles or gets some information by others. He will get out from his ordinary life and choose a way into the unknown world to change or solve all of the problems. Reality make the person has to change all of stuffs. When you have some problems in an environment or meet some challenges and requests from others you will notice that you need to do something and solve them all.

Back to my experience, after I came to America, when I meet some troubles here, I suddenly realized I need to change myself in the new place by myself. My family is far away from me. Even it is a little bite lonely for a person who just over eighteen. In that time, I think it was a kind of hard time for me. I always feel boring in here. I did not know a lot of people and friends. Every day, I only went to two places: school and host family house. Under this situation, all of information all show you have to accept the reality and find some ways to solve or change them.

At the beginning when I tried to change my life, I did not know what I should do. Actually, I was afraid to meet some problems that they all are unknown. There is a question that how you solve them if you even does not want to face to them. The boring life makes me have to choose learn to how to choose them even I feel afraid about...
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