Strategic Implications of Apple Ipad on Toll Brother Operations Managerial Applications of Information Technology (Is535)

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This paper explores the strategic implications of supporting and implementing the Apple iPad into Toll Brothers, Inc. operations. The articles cited in this paper discuss the merits of the Apple iPad, Toll Brothers operations, and the increasing place of the notebook com-puter in the workplace. The articles, however, do not intentionally support the arguments of one another, but rather serve as a basis of analysis of the merits of supporting the tech-nology and implementing it into the equipment lifecycle program. Forrester (2008) sug-gests that the notebook computer is the future of workplace dynamics facilitating increased productivity, mobility, responsiveness, and customer satisfaction. Other articles suggest that the Apple iPad could economically serve the role of notebook computer in enterprises. This analysis discusses these articles and makes recommendation to how the future of the equipment lifecycle program should be modified for future growth.

Strategic Implications of Apple iPad
on Toll Brothers Operations
Apple introduces the iPad
Apple introduces the iPad and with it states Gebry (2010) has officially become a media company. Media refers to all facets of mass communication from print to electronic affecting the way we receive news, communicate with family, friends, and coworkers, mar-ket our products, and share information. Capitalizing on success found with its smart-phone, the iPhone, Apple has decided to expand its offering with the iPad, a product posi-tioned to compete with netbooks and laptops seeking to redefine the mobile computing ex-perience. With Apple controlling 7% (and growing) of the enterprise smartphone market and the similar platform shared by the iPad according to McLean (2010) this newest offer-ing prompts the need for an analysis of the strategic implications of implementing this technology into Toll Brothers operations.

The iPad isn’t just a new product for consumers; the company is targeting the new device at business users with features designed to make it attractive suggests McLean (2010). Ted Schadler, an analyst at Forrester Research, is quoted as stating that the iPad most likely will enter the enterprise through the consumer door, much as the iPhone did (Hamblen, 2010). Evidencing the emergence of iPhones within corporate enterprise Hamblen (2010) notes that 20% of companies support iPhones and that the requirements to accommodate and implement the iPad are similar in context to that of the iPhone. McLean (2010) supports Hamblens’ assessment by noting that Apple since iPhone 2.0 has hardened its security profile, added Exchange support, and created mass configu-ration and deployment tools at the enterprise level. Moreover, with the release of the iPad Apple has added further enterprise refinements such as file sharing and multiple file for-mat reading with future features such as network printing and VPN forthcoming according to McLean (2010). McLean (2010) further notes that this foray into the enterprise market is being met with acceptance by corporate America with 70% of the Fortune 100 compa-nies now actively piloting or deploying support for Apple’s iPhone (the same operating platform as the iPad). This requires a proactive position by Toll Brothers to be aware of Apple’s current position in the enterprise market, future ambitions, and address them head on as the technology enters into enterprise use through consumer hands.

Toll Brothers an Innovative Company
Toll Brothers, an innovative company, holds the title as the Nation’s largest luxury home builder, has been building and selling residential product since 1967. Operating in the midst of a five-year recession, the company has watched its revenue decline from $6.12 billion in fiscal year 2006 to $1.76 billion for fiscal year 2009. This decline in revenue is attributed to reduced absorption of product into the marketplace causing a peak...

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