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Title: High living standard causes stressful lifestyle
Stress is a term which describes a person who could not cope with the tension (or pressure) in its lifestyle. Despite the fact that there are several reasons which may cause an individual to have a stressful lifestyle including high standard of living in some countries. In this essay it will describe how high standard of living could cause a stressful lifestyle. What does the word ‘stressful lifestyle’ means in general? In spite the fact that each and every one experience different stressful life events in different ways. In short, it means that an individual’s everyday life undergone numerous stress which includes burden on expenses, stress from work places and more. As Lazarus et al (1984) points out that stress is looked in different ways such as a stimulus that produces feelings of tension, a physical and psychological response to a stressor and interaction between one another according to the environment. Some stressors may face problems such as environmental stress, daily stress event, life changes, work place stress and more. For example, if an individual have burden on expenses, it may leads to a stressful lifestyle which includes the house maintenance, children’s education and basic necessities which is quite expensive. Generally, high living standard in a society means that the society lives a high class life with almost no poverty. The society with numerous supply of high technology in the place that they considered to live or interact is to have a high living standard. This can be seen that in the past, where the technology was just simply a pager or a simple car from which presently technology is infinite. Nevertheless nowadays the young minds have been affected by branded goods which pursue them to go after the high class society when in fact they might not afford this type of living. The modern social environment especially living in the high class society is very...
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