Stress: Anxiety and Life

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The issues of Stress in higher education


Types of stresses faced by students doing higher educationPage 5-7 Impacts of stress on learningPage7-9
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This is an academic essay about the issues of stress in higher education. In it, you will find some information about stress, types and causes of stress and how to manage stress. This is based according to my researches and knowledge. We generally use the word stress when things are too much for us to handle. Stress has become a threat to everyone’s life. It can be described as the changes in body response or our well-being. It normally causes because of our busy life, responsibilities and the behavior of other people towards us. Mostly, we feel it when we can’t control ourselvesbecause things become too much forus to manage. Things become overloaded and we might not deal with it. But all the stresses are not bad for you as some let you go through out your life.Many believe that our life may be boring without any stress as it is also a part of our life (Aziz, 2012).

Types of stress faced by students doing higher education
There are many types of stresses faced by students during their educational life. Some of them are mentioned below:

1.Stress of having a good performance academically
This type of stress will be faced by the students who are completing their studies in colleges, schools or any other university. Everyone will be in a race to finish the line first as no one remembers the second. They will have the fear that they may not be able to finish it first. They may also be wondering that their chancesfor scholarship will be taken away by others as mostly the first gets all the credits and chances to study abroad. Also, many students have the tension that they may not be able toget admissions in good colleges. This is because many result oriented students are struggling to get entrance on best colleges. So everyone must have to try their best. This may have a great pressure on them (White, 2006).

2.Multitasking Stress
Most of the students often have certain responsibilities outside of school or college. Students may be entitledto jobs, volunteer work, family responsibilities, and more. Apart from completing these responsibilities, they also have to give time for their studies. They may have the tension of managing the time properly as some extra classes may be fixed on their working hours. Some students may also have the concern of family issues. Managing these multitasking processes will highly benefit your future but doing so will be a cause for stress for many students (White, 2006).

3.Facing the Future with increased responsibility and independence As we grow up, we have to make important decisions about our life and there will be more responsibilities in our life too. We may have to take important decisions relating to our education or career. Some Studentsmay have the objective ofhaving fun and enjoyable life, while, others will be concerned about their future. We will concern mostly about things like where to study, which field to choose. Apart of it, we may need to take decisions about where to settle, which relationship to continue,and more. Making those risky decisions will be a stressful task for everyone as it affects our life. Also, when we start a college life, we may recognize some changes. We may feel we are grown up, independence and having many other responsibilities upon us. Inside the college we will be facing major decisions about studies and outside we will be facing major responsibilities and decisions about our personal life....
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