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Question 1
Health means different things to different people. To be healthy you have to consider that you are in a healthy state. For young people health revolves around physical activity and being in a good shape, whereas for someone who is elderly will class there health as being able to still walk around the house or streets without something to aid you. Some factors of health are a choice you can make like dietary and physical activity but there are many factors of a person’s health that are hereditary e.g. women often inherit breast cancer from their families gene pool. This can have effects on more than one of their different aspects of health. These diseases are unavoidable; this is one of the reasons why health is so dynamic. Dynamic means it is always changing, health is always changing and just because you might be healthy one day you might not be healthy the next day or stay healthy for the rest of your life e.g. Geoff hugel an Australian swimmer was healthy all his life but once he ceased his swim training he began to gain weight fast this is because he had become accustom with his eating habits but did not change them once his dietary intake was needed to be reduced. Health is all ways changing due to the aspects of your life will never stay the same, health relies on the individuals levels of fitness and dietary needs therefore health will always be changing i.e. You have a young family, the majority of your time will be revolve around your child’s health and often people forget or run out of time to keep their health in check because they are looking after the wellbeing of their family before their own. The dynamic nature of health’s definition from WHO (World Health Organization) defines health as 'a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity'. This statement means that a person cannot be considered healthy unless they have a complete state of well-being. This poses many questions, can a person who is diabetic, epileptic or recovering from a stroke or heart attack, be considered healthy or unhealthy. Our state of health and well-being changes over time, so we can say health is dynamic. There are many different aspects of health e.g. social, mental, physical and spiritual. If one aspect of health is compromised, the other aspects will be affected to. For instance, when we have a severe cold, we are less likely to consider going out to a pub for a few beers, so your physical health has affected your social and mental health. The natures of health are forever changing there for health is dynamic, when a person is unhealthy many of the other aspects of the health will be effected for example if you have depression your mental health will then effect your ability to socialize (social health) which will then effect your physical activity (physical health), the affect one sickness may play on one aspect of your health which will create a chain reaction until all aspects of your health have deteriated. Health is always changing therefore by nature it is dynamic, even though health is not always something that you have control over, health needs to be worked on and always improved. What one person may think is healthy another person may see as unhealthy. Health may refer to a person's physical condition, but may also refer to his mental, spiritual and social health, often these aspects will tie together. To be considered healthy by the national guidelines one must exceed in all these aspects of life.

Question 2

There are many factors that influence my perceptions on health; health is forever change so often my perceptions on health are changing. My views on health are often influenced by my family and community group members, I have been brought up in a time when health concerns are on the rise because more and more people are switching there vegetables for chips and grilled meals for deep fried causing major rises in obesity...
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