Sustainability on Natural Resources

Topics: Personal life, Natural environment, Environmentalism Pages: 3 (932 words) Published: July 9, 2013
Ki-Jana Evans
Ms. Rude
English 101
21 June 2013
Never Ever Again
Sitting behind the school, I thought a very serious question to myself. I was sweating real hard and could not come up with an answer at the time. The scene of Abbot Park in Chicago was atrocious. Kids burning grass, smoking in public, and polluting air and killing animals that are vital to human survival, etc... How can man harm the environment and expect it to reproduce? That is a question to pose to the world and not just to the kids at Abbot Park in Chicago. The bell rings and school lets out and the only way to the bus is through the field of Abbot Park. Before the team and I got ready for football practice, we always walked to get something to eat. Trailing the kids to the bus, I saw homework on the ground, trash, and a lot of irrelevant things not pertaining to a healthy way of life. All I could think to myself is this, in twenty years if we are disrespecting the earth like this; what are our successors going to do? It is absolutely astonishing that anyone can waste natural resources considering the fact that we are running out of it at an alarming rate. Also one of the things that is under looked is smoking. Abbot Park is a place everyone goes to smoke and it’s so bad some consider Abbot Park to be a smoking chimney. Abbot Park is literally a smoking sanctuary for kids and adults who need a place to smoke. If someone one ever enlightened them of the actual facts of what smoke does to the environment. Tobacco must be grown, and that process puts a serious hit on the environment. The plant itself is very demanding, absorbing six times as much potassium from the soil as most crops do. Additionally, four miles of paper an hour is used to wrap and package cigarettes. The damage isn’t confined to the air. (Cokeley, 1) Another senseless event that takes place in Abbott Park are people burning grass and leaves. Burning grass the worst smelling smoke there is except hair burning or maybe...
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