Taking on Responsibility

Topics: Health, Responsibility, Personal life Pages: 3 (957 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Taking On Responsibility

While not everybody takes on their personal responsibilities, as they should, every person still has them. Personal responsibilities are found in everyday life. Taking responsibility for the personal things in a person’s life is only but their own. In this essay, I will be showing the different personal responsibilities in a person’s personal life, school life, and their work life.

By my own account, I define personal responsibility in a person’s personal life as an ability to recognize and take charge of their personal health, emotions and maintaining a sound mind. People are faced with many personal challenges and maintaining the running and functioning of a home can be one of those challenges. From the time, that person gets up in the morning until the time that they go to sleep at night they go through a rigorous day of performing personal responsibilities. For example, a person with children, seeing to them getting up and getting their day off is a personal responsibility. Personal responsibility starts the very second you open your eyes in the morning. Your mind begins to think of that next move that needs to be next.

Developing a healthy relationship with family and friends will help one to maintain their personal responsibilities by focusing on the other major things in life. They can take that extra needed time to focus on their health by making sure that they are eating the correct foods and taking the right medication to stay healthy. An unhealthy person cannot focus thus cannot maintain their other personal responsibilities. Some of those personal responsibilities that may come into play with maintaining a healthy person may include walking daily, eating healthy, getting the right amount of sleep, and getting rid of any negativity in one’s life that may put an emotional strain on their body. Always make sure self comes before others. If self is not healthy, there is not anybody there to help others. That is a...
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