Task a Presentation on Key Legislation

Topics: Safety, Health care, Occupational safety and health Pages: 3 (967 words) Published: September 1, 2013
Task A Presentation
Key legislation that are required in a health care setting are moving and handling, control of substances hazardous to health (COSHH), infection control, health and Safety. Health and safety policies are there to protect everyone, they include staff, the services users and even visitors to the home. The policies are set in the home setting so that they met the minimum care standards that have been set out by legislation. With procedures there are they so that steps are followed, this is so that everyone’s safety is covered. The protection of policies and procedures for care staff who work within the care setting is to ensure that they are trained and know how to use the equipment, or if any hazardous substances are used to clean up any spillages. A social care workers responsibilities are:- To take care of their own health and safety and also of that of others as well, to also co-operate with their manager and to follow health and safety policies and procedures within the home- attending training and following instructions on how to move and handle correctly, to use equipment provided such as PPE, most importantly not to misuse any of the equipment provided for health and safety and the welfare of the residents. A employers/manager responsibilities are:- To ensure that the environment is safe to work in and also safe for with the service users to live in, to provide the correct equipment and that the equipment is safe to use, to ensure that all hazardous substances are dealt with correctly and also safely, to provide information , training and if necessary supervision. For other responsibilities such as visitors, support workers, volunteers, contractors are:- To ensure that they sign in, to following policies and procedures within the home – such as not to use the lift in the event of a fire and to use the stairs, to co-operate with the staff within the home and to notify staff of any events that may cause harm or injury...
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