Technology in My Life

Topics: Mobile phone, Personal life, Leisure Pages: 2 (609 words) Published: February 26, 2014
Technology in My Life
In today’s day and age, people use technology for many different reasons pending on their personal preference. Some have to use technology for work while others use it for entertainment during their free time. With all the research and development studies today, people have created wonderful technologies that were unimaginable 50 years ago! In my eighteen years of living, I have had plenty of encounters with technology on a day to day basis, and now they have become part of my everyday life. I use many different types of technology in my everyday life. My first type of technology I use is portable devices, such as an iPad and a laptop. If I am in the mood to read a book or to download a new cool game application, I go grab my new iPad to keep me entertained during my spare time. Lately I’ve been reading The Godfather eBook. I also found a new game that I found to play, it’s called Candy Crush. Then there is the laptop. I just use the laptop to surf the web and keep myself occupied. Many of the times I go on-line shopping, looking for new clothing, new shoes, and sometimes I end up looking for accessories for my car. Another type of technology I use is stationary devices, such as the computer and the television. I use the computer when I need to read and send emails; I also use it to type papers and to do school work. Television has been a significant part of my life since I was a little kid. I always start my day by watching the morning news on MSNBC, and I always wind down my day with a movie or a crime drama, for example, “Criminal Minds.” The final type of technology I use handheld devices, these are the most important to me, such as my cell phone to keep in contact with my friends and family by either texting or phone calls. I also use my cell phone for social networking such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to see what people have been doing and to read their posts and look at pictures. Most of them are very...
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