The Creation of Computers

Topics: Computer, Analog computer, United Kingdom Pages: 1 (275 words) Published: April 16, 2013
The Creation of the Computer
I chose the creation of the computer because it is one of the biggest creations we have today, considering that to right this paragraph, you need to own a computer, and technology in Computer Engineering has gone a long way.

Before the computer, many words meant something else. A program was a TV show, a cursor used profanity, and a keyboard was a piano. Memory was something you lost with age, a CD was a bank account, and a Hard Drive was a long trip on the road. Before the computer was created, people used typewriters, which was a machine that pressed inked words onto a piece of paper, making writing reports and essays very easy. The first electronic digital computers were developed between 1940 and 1945 in the United Kingdom and United States. They were about the size of a large room, consuming as much power as several hundred modern PCs. In this era, “mechanical analog computers” were used for military applications, many different designs for the computer can be thanked by different inventors. Computers have changed a lot to get where they are now, because now they can be used for more than just recording data, they can be used to play games, stream videos, and connect to websites on the internet. Computers have changed the lives of people because they help people get work done, connect to the world, get the latest news, talk to friends, and have entertainment that the internet has to offer, like video games. In the future, computers will most likely improve quickly, to touchscreen mirrors, Floating screens, and Hologram-like designs.
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