The Hidden Power Of Smile

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The Hidden Power of Smile
In this video Ron Gutman(the CEO and Founder of the Interactive Health company Health Tap) is talking about ‘”The Hidden Power of Smiling”. In the beginning he mentioned about his childhood dream to become hero and make everybody happy picture to talk about that people can guess someone’s personal life and the way of living by examining their smiles on the picture. For example in one yearbook, he saw Barry Obama’s picture and, first he thought his superpowers are coming from his collar but it was all in his smile. We born smiling. Babies smile in womb, after born they smile in sleep and even blind children smile. Smile is the one of the simplest methods for human to express themselves. Also, all people smile for same reason to show their happiness, around the world from Papua New Guinea to Hollywood all the way to modern art in Beijing in same way. Do you know to ignore the people who are smiling for you, is very difficult such as smiling kids? Because smiling is like widespread disease, it suppresses the muscles in or face to smile even it was just a mimicking. Charles Darwin wrote the facial feedback response theory which discovered the act of smiling itself makes us happy. Also, chocolate can motivate our brain as smiling do. But smiling is equal to 2000 bars of chocolate. Also, smiling can help us to decrease the level of stress, blood pressure and increase the temper and it is healthier than eating chocolate. In addition, when you smile you will be looked more confident and successful. So, if you want to look happy, decrease stress level or feel like eat 2000bars of high qualified chocolate, just smile. It will do it for you. Summary (Naraa)
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