The Kingdom of Mattis

Topics: Personal life, Religion, God Pages: 5 (2162 words) Published: November 2, 2011
“ All women, not obedient, had better become so as soon as possible, and let the wicked spirit depart, and become vessels of truth” (Johnson and Wilentz p.93). Matthias passed judgment on all who would cross his path especially women. The Kingdom of Matthias describes the life of an American man’s religious revivalism, describes a story of sex, society and religion .The core theme was the impact of the Second Great Awakening concerning on the lives of the American people and society. The lives of men and women of the Second Great Awakening were shaped by their beliefs in God and the belief that the Truth would set them free from all the sins that they have committed. In Matthias’ case he realized that the words of those around him were wrong, it needed to be corrected. Therefore, he created his own truths to create the life that he longed for and felt that he deserved. In order to understand what Matthias wanted from his family life and in order to find his sexual identity is to understand why he built his Kingdom, when all other churches and religions turned its back on him he created one that would always believe that he was the Truth. The market revolution played an important role in the lives of those who came to the big city; the changes that Elijah and Matthews made when they came to the city meant leaving their rural home life. Some struggled more than others, by that I mean Matthews when he couldn’t fit in he tried to create a new way of living and always did his best to defend it, even while hiding the shame and lies that he felt inside. The market revolution with its increase in factory workers played a huge role in the creation of the kingdom. Matthew’s realized that being a carpenter and doing hands on labor was no longer the kind of jobs that would help to move a young man up in society. Matthew never really chose to be a carpenter, to him that was all he knew how to do after growing up in the country. Even though he saved his money and tries to turn over a new leaf nothing seemed to work. He tried to open a store for dry goods, tools, and petty luxury items in Manhattan, but in 1816 after stretching his resources in trying to enlarge his store “within months a contraction of credit by his New York wholesalers bankrupted him and business associate, damaging his reputation among his once-forgiving neighbors” (Johnson and Wilentz p. 62). Matthews had to go back to being a carpenter and which made him financially insecure; he was never really successful at being a carpenter because to make a name for yourself in New York you couldn’t just know a skill you had to know how to be a good businessman, which took education. Growing up all Matthew’s knew how to do was work with his hands not his brain. As he worked to support his family, the panic hit him and his last chance at skilled profitable independent labor slipped away with unfinished suspended building projects. The increase in specialization labor and factory workers left open the route of wage labor for Matthew's to support his family. With the loss of his economic independence, he used it to help start him on his journey of unusual religious visions, which led to the transition into Matthias. The Second Great Awakening wanted people to be empowered by God and find success within the Market Revolution. Matthias wanted to show that living this lifestyle wasn’t right he wanted to help them change. Matthews had tried to condemn people in Manhattan for drinking and whoring, but the expanding Evangelism had already created a standard of leniency. New York was just the place that a young man could rise up and makes a name for himself other than live in the shadow of his father. That is exactly what Elijah Pierson did; the market revolution was good to Elijah because he embraced it as a new experience. He didn’t want to get caught up in the life of a married man who had responsibilities; he wanted to create a name for himself before he started a family. He didn’t...
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