The Last Day of My Life

Topics: Meaning of life, Life, 2008 singles Pages: 2 (570 words) Published: December 27, 2011
Everyday there are people coming into this world while there are some people leaving. Sometimes, it makes me think about the life. What’s the meaning of life? People always want to live a meaningful life. But how do we define a “meaningful” life? I think that everybody would have his own definition of “meaningful.” Most people work very hard day and night in search of fame and

fortune. When they become millionaires eventually, they may think it is enough for their life. But if they had only one day to live, what would they do? Suddenly, their fame and fortune turn out to nothing at all, for they cannot take those things with them when dying. Therefore, they may worry about their possessions and be annoyed even on their last day. It’s not my type of life. I won’t pursue fame and fortune so that when my very day comes, I will have nothing to worry about and can be relieved in the long run. But I cannot be sure when I will leave this world. If the answer is tomorrow, what will I do on the last day of my life?

First, I will clean up my room. Some people may think that since I am going to die, what good will it do me? None, actually, but it can mean something to me. After living my life, I may find that all my life was just like chaos, and I won’t leave it in the world. Therefore, I will clean up my room as if I make my life neat and tidy. I want it to be perfect. Second, I want to thank people who mean a lot to me, such as those who have helped me, who have loved me and who I loved, for it was they who gave me the meanings in my life. Then, I will visit many places where I was born, I grew, I studied, I worked, and I lived. Those places can recall my precious memory. I cannot bring anything with me but my memory. At last, I will find a place where nobody can find me. I will be contented if anyone can weep for my death, but it will be too sorrowful for an emotional person like me to see those once happy faces become sad. Therefore, a serene place like seashore...
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