The Life Before Us

Topics: Love, Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist, Novel Pages: 3 (1191 words) Published: September 7, 2013
The Life Before us
There are a variety of ways to express our love in the world. In the novel “The Life Before us” by Romain Gray, the central theme of the novel is the importance of love. In the novel, the author conveys the messages that we need love to live and it helps people to make relationships and can improve their ability to interact socially. The Life Before Us is the story of 14-year-old orphaned Arab boy, Momo, lives in Belleville, a multi-ethnic working-class neighborhood of Paris, which has been home to many immigrant groups in the twentieth century. Besides, he lives under the care of Madame Rosa. Madame Rosa is a dying 68-year-old Jewish woman, who takes in the unwanted children of the neighborhood's prostitutes. Momo tells the story of his unusual everyday life; race, neighbor, love, and getting old, as he watches Madame Rosa deteriorate in her old age. But, when Madame Rosa becomes too ill to climb the stairs to their apartment, he determines to support her any way he can. The author depicts that there are 3 individual minor characters like neighbors, Dr.Katz and Madame Rosa who show their love, caring or support. By showing (A) Neighbors shows their care for Momo, (B) Dr. Katz gives hope for Momo’s future and (C) Madame Rosa is supporting and giving undeniable love, Momo is getting know the importance of love and the way to live the life before him. <Body 1> Neighbors shows their care for Momo

Showing small acts of kindness is part of love. Neighbors show their care for Momo. To illustrate this point, an excellent example is found in the middle of story, “Luckily we had neighbors to help us. I’ve told you about Madame Lola, who lived on the fifth floor and worked as a transvestite in the Bois de Boulogne because she had a car. Before going to work, she’d often come up and give us a hand.” This proves that Madame Lola cares for Momo by giving him material supports like expensive food, salmon, chocolates and champagne. Some people express...
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