The Past, Present and Future

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The Past, Present and Future
Throughout the last 50 years, humanity has witnessed many changes that have attired and changed our lives in many ways. The emergence of technology in our lives, for example, has caused life to become simpler by making connections easier between people. Changes such as these have caused many differences between each generation. Whilst comparing the life of our generation and our parent's generation we can see that various aspects have changed like technology, education and life style. Through the last two decades we've witnessed a rise in aspects that we didn’t know of before. Technology is an issue that our generation was greatly influenced and affected by. Through the internet new ways of connections, were brought to the table making life easier for our generation. In the olden days one had to go through uphill efforts in order to simply contact another person, however nowadays due to social media, connections between people are just one click away. The swift and easy going interactions that social media imposed on us changed the way of life between the two generations completely. Likewise; education is one of the aspects that blossomed in our modern days causing dissimilarities between this generation and the past generation. Due to the common awareness that we have been exposed to regarding the importance of education in life, education has become more easily accessible for people of different classes of the society. Numbers of educated people in our generation has increased tremendously comparing to our parent's generation. Educational institutions have now new and more technological ways of teaching. On the contrary education in the past generation was limited to the local institutions; international schools and universities were few and too expensive. Also, the education method in the past generation differs from the methods we're using now; our parents' educational system mainly depended on spoon-feeding. In...
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