Topics: Personal life, Positive psychology, Happiness Pages: 2 (469 words) Published: January 29, 2014
Start with the name of Almighty Allah who is the most Merciful and most Beneficent

Money is the basic need in our lives. Without money life is impossible on Earth. Without money you always worried about paying bills, keeping a roof over your head and living a comfortable life, and with money you can have complete piece of mind you have it all and never have to worry about anything, with money you can own a home, you don't have to rent, drive a good car, travel, and never worry about not being able to afford things and live a comfortable carefree life.

You could even give gifts to others to make them happy. When they feel happy, you feel happier. More money gives us joy and happiness but lack of money gives us pain and problems. That is why the more money you have the better life you can lead and you will also be happy.

Its totally true that, Having more money is not just a good luck, but it is the thing which makes our life enjoyable, happy. In today's world without money we are not able to do anything. In fact money is the only thing which can make us popular in the society and the world. If we have money we can do anything- for our happiness, for our loved ones. More money may give power but lack of money cannot give anything except tensions and problems.

In today's world money can buy everything even happiness. Suppose that “You may be very friendly and lovable but people will not care of you unless you have money”. The importance of money can only be known to a mother whose child is dying out of hunger or to a wife who doesn't have enough money to cure her sick and dying husband.

Without money, people (mostly) will not respect you because your keep borrowing money from them. You can be so depressed as you can't pay for anything even a bar of chocolate. For you own self, it's very terrible because you feel ashamed if everyone knows that you are digging your piggy bank.

With money we are hero and without money we are zero. Today in our...
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