Toxic Culture Syndrom

Topics: Personal life, Drug addiction, Television Pages: 1 (367 words) Published: March 22, 2015
1)Lasn writes that "chronic TV-watching is like wearing sweatpants in public. It's a public declaration: 'I give up'" (293). Do you agree? Explain your answer. 

“TV- watching is like wearing sweatpants in public. It’s a public declaration “ I agree with this quote from the story Toxic Culture Syndrome by Kalle Lasn because watching TV and wearing sweatpants are a sign of laziness , you’re wasting your time not putting as much effort in your life as you could be doing. You could be using your time by completing more productive things to benefit you. For instance working and making money by getting a job would be the first step , exercising your body as well as your brain, and thinking about better habits to make your life happier and less depressed. As for sweat pants in public you feel good if you look good. I agree with the book it is a public declaration. our society is going downhill and becoming less active every day that there is no positive change in their lifestyle. 4) Lasn argues that "an on-line 'community' can't possible be a substitute for a real community, because the essential things - notably sensual interaction with other people - that make a community a community are absent" (295). Do you agree? Explain your answer.

An on-line community cant possible be a substitute for a real community. I agree with quote because an online community is like living a fantasy life everything you desire at the palm of your hands while in reality you have to work for it. The “fantasy life” could and it will lead low lack of social ability to communicate and interact with others as well as low public engagement where it goes back to social skills. Again this leads to anxiety, frustration and depression. According to a quote in the article “after 13 years stat side their rates of depression and drug problems had almost doubled to 32 percent from 18 percent” lasn ,295. This is not only effecting peoples life style but also their physical health, and it...
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