Unit 1 Assignment 1

Topics: Personal computer, Management, Business school Pages: 1 (126 words) Published: January 5, 2015
Baldeo Persaud
Unit 1 Assignment 1
As the number of computers in a company network grows, so does the administrative overhead involved in maintaining the computer network. DNS and DHCP can keep the overhead to a background task. By using DNS and DHCP in concert, a site can happily grow to hundreds or thousands of nodes servers, desktop systems, laptops, printers, whatever, with minimal network/systems administrator effort. Both DNS and DHCP are essential tools in the network administrator's toolkit for managing all the IP devices on a corporate network. DNS and DHCP can make a system administrator's life simpler and easier. Fortunately, the protocols are so flexible that they can be implemented either together or separately depending on the size and configuration of your enterprise network.
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