view of reality from Buddhadasa’s vision

Topics: Buddhism, Personal life, Religion Pages: 5 (1896 words) Published: October 3, 2013
The view of reality from Buddhadasa’s vision
In order to understand the view of life from Buddhadasa Bikkhu vision, first we need to know the origin of him. Where he came from, how his life transformed and what inspired him, these are some of the facts we will look into before proceeding into the depth of the actual topic of how he perceives the truth of life and aspects pertaining to it. Buddhadasa Bikkhu, from Thailand was an ardent student of the teachings of the Buddha. He gave up his worldly life to study Buddhism and to implement the teachings in the best practical way in his daily life. After studying and going through an extensive research of the various books and practices of Buddhism, Bikkhu went through a lot of hurdles to bring the original teachings of the Buddha and eradicating the scriptures, scrolls, teaching and practices which went out of the original path of the Lord Buddha. He is regarded as one of the most influential personalities of Buddhism by many individuals, prestigious organizations and institutes. He also established a missionary where individuals are outsiders are taught the correct understanding of Buddhism, aspiring Buddhists are taught the original methodology of Buddhism. It is also a center for world leaders to meet to promote good will and welfare among their regions. Buddhadasa Bikkhu passed away in 1993 and left a hole in the world of Buddhism. His teachings are still carried on by many, many of his followers even on this day. Now that we have an idea about who Buddhadasa Bikkhu is, I will get into the topic of analyzing his view on the reality, suffering and desires. I am merely attempting to explain my personal thoughts and reflections on Buddhadasa’s way of interpretation of Buddha’s teachings and way of life. Buddhadasa worked and researched a lot to understand and realize the true nature of reality. He understood the true nature of things and explained the meaning of it his whole life. If we look through his teachings we will only know at a theoretical level of what he means by the phase “true nature of things”. Buddhism tries to explain that all human beings have a different meaning for different things. For someone a job is more important than his family and for someone it’s vice versa. Human beings are involved so much in their life to attain the worldly things that it becomes their ultimate goal like to have a high post job, expensive car, huge house, or a beautiful family. This involvement turns into likeness which in turns transforms into attachment and finally we reach at a point when this becomes the only thing in our life. How many examples do we have in front of us where human beings have suffered because of their desires? We have seen wars, deaths, physical injuries, mental imbalance in human’s lives because of the attachments to their desires. Let’s look closer into some examples in our daily lives and try to realize what kind of pain we inflict on ourselves because of our own desires. A person who is not financially fortunate strive hard by working multiple jobs, labor work in order to reach his goal for merely a nice car, impress someone or buy a house. Because of the attachments we have to our desires we try to not only hurt ourselves but in the path we hurt others, sometimes it’s our near ones and sometimes its complete strangers who are at the receiving end of the suffering. This is where Buddhism steps in and this is what Buddhadasa tries to explain to avoid these sufferings from our desires. He explains that “all leads to suffering”, in practical sense means that each and every desire leads to suffering. According to Buddhadasa Bikkhu’ s vision of life, all desires whether good or bad leads a person into attachment and when he or she fails to achieve their goal, it leads them into depression causing them to act impractical, illogical, and sometimes violent behavior. Buddhadasa insist that people do not have the “complete” knowledge of their desires and cannot...
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