Vincent Van-Gohg

Topics: Art, Personal life, Artist Pages: 2 (744 words) Published: September 30, 2014
Vincent Van-Gogh Ivana Flores Larrinaga.
The life of Vincent Van-Gogh.
The movie we saw in class was really interesting, I really got to know the personality of Van-Gogh and how hard his life was. I really enjoy this video, but I stay with two main ideas that really change my point of view of Vincent Van-Gogh. Suffer so that others do not suffer.

This idea amazed me, I didn´t know that Van-Gogh was a man that loved to help people and that dedicate most of his life predicating the word of God. At the age of 20 Van-Gogh was rejected when he proposed to Ursula. This was really sad for him that his personality change a lot, he has angry with everybody except God. Van-Gogh throw all of his books except the bible and at this time he was dedicated hundred percent to God. Although he was dedicated to God his attitude didn´t change and he got fire from the gallery he was working since the age of 15. After he got fire, he went to Amsterdam be a pastor but he was rejected, so he decide to became a missioner. Van-Gogh was suffering a lot he was rejected by the church because of his attitude, but he didn´t give up he found the way to help and predict. He use the painting skills her mom taught him when he was little and start predicting in his painting. Van-Gogh had a sad and melancholy childhood that´s why he was a person that suffer a lot and understand the people that suffer to. When he was missioning he gave his house to other people and went with the miners to live, in this part of the video they described him as a person that didn`t care to add more of suffering to his life, but that he didn`t want people to suffer like he did. At the age of 26 he decide to make art focusing in the dignity of workers and nature, he consider this preach through art.

Van-Gogh passionate work.
At the age of 33 Van-Gogh went to Paris and he experienced a different point of view of art, he change his idea and became a better artist. He was introduced to impressionism and he was...
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