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Law of definite composition states that the elements in a given compound are always combined in the ssame proportion by mass. This law form the basis for the definition of a chemical compound. For example, oxygen makes up 8/9 of the mass of any sample of pure water, while hydrogen makes up the remaining 1/9 of the mass. formation of water and hydrogen peroxide , carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide are the big examples of law of definite proportion. example Law of Multiple Proportions Problem-Law which states that when elements combine, they do so in the ratio of small whole numbers (assuming they have the same type of chemical bonds). Two different compounds are formed by the elements carbon and oxygen. The first compound contains 42.9% by mass carbon and 57.1% by mass oxygen. The second compound contains 27.3% by mass carbon and 72.7% by mass oxygen. Show that the data are consistent with the Law of Multiple Proportions.

Motherboard – The motherboard is the main circuit board of a microcomputer. It is also known as the mainboard or system board. CPU – The CPU is the central electronic chip that determines the processing power of the computer. Memory – Memory is the part of the computer that temporarily stores applications, documents, and stem operating information. Bus – A bus is an electronic line that allows 1s and 0s to move from one place to another. Expansion Slots – Expansions slots appear on the motherboard. They are sockets into which adapters are connected. Ports and Connectors – A port is a connector located on the motherboard or on a separate adapter. Bays – A bay is a space inside the computer case where a hard drive, floppy drive or CD-ROM drive sits Power Supply – A power supply changes normal household electricity into electricity that a computer can use. Sound Components – A sound card lets a computer play and record high quality sound. Central Processing Unit (CPU)

Firewire header
Firewire is also known as IEEE 1394. It is basically a high performance serial bus for digital and audio equipment to exchange data. The technology preceded USB but yet is faster than any current USB port. Often used for transferring digital video to the PC straight from a digital camera. The FireWire header onboard means you can install a FireWire port on your machine. Again these cables are often supplied as an optional extra which you will need to check with the retailer to see if they are supplied with your board. 2 - PCI Express 16x slots

Now the most common slot for Graphics cards, the PCI Express 16x slots provides 16 separate lanes or data transfer. PCI express 1.0 slots offer a data transfer rate of 250MB/s the second generation of PCI express (PCI Express 2.0) offers twice the data rate at 500MB/s. Currently in development is PCI Express 3.0 which offers 1GB/s of data transfer. PCI Express 16x slots are also the basis for both SLI and Crossfire multi graphics card setups. With the increasing demands graphics cards are putting on systems, no less than a 16 lane slot will be good enough for any modern graphics card. 3 - PCI Express 1x Slot

Like the PCI Express 16x above the 1x slot uses exactly the same system but only has a single lane of serial data transfer. These slots are used for expansion cards that do no require the same amount of data transfer that a graphics card requires. You will usually find components such as tv tuners, network cards and sound cards make use of the PCI Express 1x slot. You will also notice the difference in size between the 1x and the 16x slots. The PCI Express 1x slot is noticeably smaller and easy to spot. 4 - Chipset - North Bridge (with heatsink)

The Motherboards chipset can be described as what sets it apart from other boards in its category. Different chipsets contain different features and components. A chipset is a number of integrated circuits built onto the board to provide specific functions e.g. one part of the chipset may be an onboard component such as a modem or...
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