What is the important of Leisure and what are it function?

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What is the important of Leisure and what are it function?


Leisure as defined by Dictionary , is the “freedom provided by the cessation of activities; especially: time free from work or duties” . Parents often plan family leisure activities in an effort to improve relationships among family members. Nowadays, everything becomes very "fast", leisure is an effective way to ease the pressure, relax, it has been closely linked with our life and our family members. In today’s society , not the rest of the people will not live, leisure has important effect on us, and our leisure activities has led the development of leisure industry, and will promote the development of society, Leisure can also strengthen the interaction between family members, increase the harmony of family members. During the Leisure time , it can help the family not only to clarify the family roles and rules, and practice ways to enforce them ,but also provide opportunities for families to adjust to new surroundings and situations, which translates into stranger adaptive skill that spill over into other areas of family live. At the same time , leisure time becomes an important way of life outside people’s work. When people feel tired, upset or boring. They try to find some leisure of life style to enrich their lives . In spare time, people develop various leisure. Such as walking in the park ,watching TV ,playing games ,traveling, doing sports with their families. In these leisure ,they can relax themselves without other troubles . Besides ,we can find the real mean of our lives ,the mean of happiness, the importance of family during we share our leisure time with our families . In other words ,leisure is a way to be happy . If you want to seek the happiness , enjoy the happiness of the family, make the family more harmonious, just relax yourself in the leisure time with your family members . One of the biggest problems arising...
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