Who Has the Best Computer Brand

Topics: Operating system, Apple Inc., Mac OS X Pages: 2 (647 words) Published: February 23, 2013
Who has the best computer brand

Kristie Stead

 American InterContinental University
 Unit 4 Individual Project
 Engl106-English composition 1

This paper will explore many types of computers that are out there. What computer would be best for the company also what software the company would need and how to teach each employee how to work the new device. As the company grows, we like to replace all computers and have are top people with tables. Looking into what is best for the company and how will each employee grain the most out of it.

Apple Company
As apple was made for people that wanted something different, that wants a sleek and techy design. There are so many things that apple can offer to people, macs come with many photo and video editing programs. Apple has move from the Power pc chip to the Intel chip, the hardware is essentially the same as a commodity pc. Which now apple has made a program that you can run windows on your mac. The downside of pc is that here are hackers and virus creator who create virus for pc. Microsoft

With Microsoft creating pc each day, with faster processer, more ways to interface with people, PC are in 90% in American homes and business. As most programs are being offered on mac, many only come from Microsoft and pc users. As PC are started to get more up today with design, prices have stay the same. PC have so many companies like HP, Dell etc, each computer runs the same operating system. With mac, there is only one creator, which is apple. Only one design, no options for color, or price. Pricing

As we all know pricing is the biggest thing when choosing a computer. What can I afford, Apple goes for more of the deign of there produce, then cost. What can I get for a good price, that why many people offend go for a pc then a mac. Price is the icebreaker of any produce. With mac you are getting a better design, better processer and it comes virus free for around 1500 for a desk top, the newer...

References: 15 reasons Macs are still better than Windows PCs (14 November 2008). Dan Warne.
Thomas Mackay, Michael Ewing, Fiona Newton and Lydia Windisch, (August 1, 2009). The effect of product placement in computer games on brand attitude and recall
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