Who I Am Today

Topics: Personal life, Psychology, Emotion Pages: 2 (552 words) Published: April 23, 2013

Jenissa Currey
Wr-95 MWRF Perkins 11’
Essay 3
Wednesday, March 6, 2013
Because Of You I Am The Person I Am Today
I can say that I am the person I am today for many people and obstacles that I have had to overcome. I wouldn’t be able you choose what is the most important, but there are two main things that make me who I am today. If I was able to describe the person I am today to someone the first thing that would come to my mind would probably start with is horses. Horses play a huge role in my life and have improved my life in many ways. Horses physically have improved my mobility and health in my everyday life. When I am feeling lazy or sore it is usually because I have been riding or preparing for a show. I am required to stay healthy when I am around horses because if I want to continues to ride every day I have to watch what I eat and be sue not to become overweight. Since I have had horses I have noticed a change in my emotional life. My emotions have improved by becoming more positive and not getting upset as much. Horses have improved the way that I thin by calming me when I am stressed out or getting me excited and happy when I am upset and feeling gloomy. Some people have trouble making friends or having a social life. I can say for a fact that because of having horses keeping an active social life is one area that I do not lack in. horses have helped my life in three major ways; physically, mentally and socially. I enjoy hanging out with friends that own horses because they help me clear my mind, stay active, and get me to make new friends. Another thing I could say about myself is that I have an amazing boyfriend and he has improved my life dramatically. He has introduced me to new hobbies and he has given me a soul mate to spend the rest of my life and memories with. Roy is currently attending college at LBCC and he is actively involved in the Automotive Technology program on campus. He is a very...
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