Your Job Has Greater Happiness Than Your Social Life.

Topics: Happiness, Personal life, Person Pages: 2 (467 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Either job or social life has more impact to individual's happiness? Perhaps one of most convercial issue in today's society. Despite various response people may have, I given the chance, would agree that job affects more.First, work renders us immerse happiness from economic part and buys us happy. Besides the basic living items we purchase with payment of working, money rises life quality. Delicious food we buy deliveries taste joy, journal we paid for hides surprise, and Spa we try give us relax. Even a lot of people are skeptical about money's effect, a survey, conducted by examining over 30,000 questionnaire, reveals that money are most concerned factor about one's daily life, topping other choices. Meanwhile, Money helps to realize our pursuit and dream. With the financial support, young man invests own business , old person goes to college for further education . All the dreams come true based on what work equipped us.Secondly, work also impacts a lot on psychology. Some people may say it is not only money that defines happiness. Truly, working satisfaction matters too. Feel respected, own autonomy, and fulfill tasks in the working time that occupies more than half of awake period, make us feel recognized and needed by society. That fact that person who is out of employment always feel lost proves from negative side. A friend of mine is hard to get into sleep in night during the period she lost her job, and suddenly are curled next day being hired. Further by emerging of sorts portable appliance, work can reach individual anywhere and anytime, which reinforce the role work played in life. The person out of office are working by laptop, the person out of town can be reached by blackberry, even the astronomy, who is out of earth, are still working.Nevertheless I am not ruling social life out of impotrant factors in life. In fact sometimes social life has turned out to be extension of job. Just to check how many people in mobile contact list are know in...
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