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City Worker – has idealised version of the country I his head, hates the city and wants to trade places with Clancy the drover Clancy – Drover, Aussie, Bushman, Free, Larger than life
Friend – Polite, uneducated, Aussie
City Children – Gutter children, bad language, filthy
Country Children – friendly, kind voices greeting
Living the life
Sleeping under the stars
City worker:
Dingy little office
No sunlight
People in the city are horrible and greedy
He is dreaming of another life as a drover
He wants to swop places with ckancy
Similarly to AB Paterson’s poem ‘Clancy Of The Overflow’ the debate of the country life being above city life continues, although Paterson has taken a less aggressive approach in comparison to ‘In defence of the bush’. The continuous voices of the outback are being portrayed throughout both of these poems this is shown through the colloquial language “and the loony bullock snorted when you first came into view”. The rural country is portrayed as the ideal way of living which is emphasised through the juxtaposition of the country life against the city life, which Paterson has use the character of Clancy and the persona the office clerk which are contrasted by the lifestyles they live. The clerk has an idealised vision of the country and envy’s Clancy “For the drovers life has pleasures that the towns people will never know” which Paterson has juxtaposed with city life “ray of sunlight struggles feebly down between the houses tall”. The office clerk (the persona) portrays the country way of living is the tranquil way of life, through Clancy’s experiences of the pleasurable outback “At night the wond’rous glory of the everlasting stars”. The city is characterised through the people “And the hurrying people daunt me and their pallid faces haunt me” Which give the city a negative outlook. Paterson’s argument has being portrayed effectively...
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