A High Paying Job Is Crucial For a Happy Life

Topics: Personal life, Happiness, Time Pages: 1 (294 words) Published: October 4, 2013
A High Paying Job Is Crucial For a Happy Life

Is having high paying job crucial for a happy life? Many people may ask the same question many times I’m sure but I’m going to give you an example of this problem. I am here to help with this problem. Some people would like a job with a high salary they believe a high salary encourage them to work harder. But people is our society now a days have a higher status in our society A job with a high salary always means people should undertake much pressure. They may work day and night and as a result he or she will not be able to have some relaxation time. Instead, working with happiness always ensures a healthy body. Perhaps with a high salary, people are able to buy luxurious things and live the high style lifestyle that we all would enjoy but money cannot buy health. My uncle has been a physical therapist for about 13 years now after graduating from the University Of Miami he has worked many many hours and long hours at that to the point that his job now makes him take of two months every year. He has a coworker that has started his own practice and over the years of working he started to become ill and had to retire from all the long hard work and any burdens he was carrying. Now he can have all the me time and relax him. He misses his practice and the high paying job but he has worked and has enough to retire and have no worries. My dad has always told me that he rather have his health and strength then all the money in the world.
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