A Huge Impact That Computers Has Made in the Last 15 Years

Topics: Personal computer, Internet, Computer Pages: 1 (290 words) Published: February 27, 2005
The age of electronics and more precisely, computers,
has caused a huge impact on the way we do business today. Just 15 years ago, innovations such as the FAX machine, and the Personal Computer(PC) were top-of-the-line and were considered to be cutting edge. The growth and innovations of the computer brought along with it many aspects of the business world. Today, many business people would not be able to function effortlessly

without computers. Communication is an example of one of these business processes that have grown with the computer and like the computer, this growth has been exponential. The global market has created the need for fast communications over a great distance. Teleconferencing and E-mail are two excellent examples of technologies that have met the needs of fast communication and long distances. They have literally transformed E-mail for business communication. In addition to simple interoffice communications, E-mail has helped to advance the global market and provides immediate

information transfer. In the modern business world, E-mail has all but replaced conventional postal mail, but has put a significant dent into the overnight delivery services. Furthermore, communications, would almost cease to exist without the Internet, E-mail, fax, and teleconferencing. Because computers can perform repetitive tasks so well, their evolution has taken a predictable path and has eliminated many jobs that were once performed by people. Although many of these tedious jobs have been reduced or eliminated, computers created a whole new set of jobs focused on computer manufacture, programming, and support. Technology is growing at a rate that is faster than many of us can imagine. We are very fortunate to be living in such times that everything is at our fingertips.
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