A person should never make an important decision alone

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During our life journey, or in our daily life and work, we may encounter a lot of occasions when we need to make a decision. Depending on different people with different personalities and habits, some people like to make a decision quickly on her/her own, while other people always like to ask for opinions from his/her friends. Although sometimes we need to follow our hearts when we face some hard-to-decide questions such as deciding to date girlfriend or boyfriend, many other times we should get other people’s suggestions and think them over. In my opinion, a person should never make an important decision alone.

On one hand, a decision may influence a person’s whole way of life. Since the decision is important, we should consider it seriously. For example, when it’s time for us to apply for university entrance, we need to decide which university and major to apply to. It’s of the most serious matter, because once we decide, we will spend 4 years to study on it. Four years is not a short time. If the decision is wisely made, we can develop our career smoothly and efficiently along the initial major. Since we like the major, we will enjoy it and do it successfully; otherwise, we may find we need to study for another major so that another 3-4 years will be spent.

On the other hand, a decision may affect people around us. Once we are married and have kids, our decision will affect not only ourselves but also our family. For example, if you have to choose a job to look for, we like to choose a job which can help us look after family. Thus we don’t want to choose a job which is 20km far from home and requires work a long day. In this circumstance, you want to get opinions from your family members living with you.

To sum up, we shouldn’t always be arbitrary when making any decision. Especially for big decisions, we can’t just listen to your hearts. We should seek points of view from experienced people, or people older than us. Whenever we come to a life...
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