i like music

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I like music. I like to sing to the music. Music is my life. Why might you ask? Because there is nothing I like more than dancing around, singing all day. It is defiantly a stress reliever!
My favorite kind of music is country music. There is something about country music that just gets to me. I like country music on a rainy day. The rain is so soothing. I also like to think about things when it rains. Raining and music is the most perfect combination. Also, it’s enjoyable with a cup of coffee. Coffee, rain and country music is my life. Another reason why I love music is because it gets all my emotions out. Belting the lyrics to a song, crying my heart it, nothing compares!

Sometimes when my heart is broken, I sit for hours listening to relatable country music. I know it might sound crazy, but instead of annoying all my friends with my problems, country music soothes the soul. It gets all your emotions out. It gets all of the heartbreak. It makes you stronger. Music in general makes you stronger. I don’t know where I would be in my life today without music. It is simply the best. Music will always be a part of my life.

The last reason why I like music is because it is so relatable. When I’m happy I can listen to happy music. When I am sad I can listen to sad music. Music is apart of every day life. You hear it when youre in the car. You hear it in stores at the mall. You hear it everywhere. It’s the most greatest way to express yourself. You express your true feelings through music. Like Celine Dion once said, “It is the power of love.” Music is very powerful, enjoyable. It will always be apart of my life and I love it!
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