Knockin` on the Heaven`s door

Topics: Personal life, Life, Psychology Pages: 3 (987 words) Published: January 11, 2014

Life and death in the film “Knockin` on the Heaven`s door” How often do we think about that we have in daily life? How often do we notice the beauty of the surrounding in daily life? How often do we remember the things that are valuable for us? And what if we had a few days to live, what would you do? Is it possible to make our dreams come true? The film "Knockin` on the heaven`s door" is about how two men with untreatable disease realize their dreams. The film was recommended me for many times, finally, I had an opportunity to watch it. When I saw some shots from it, I hadn't a big desire to watch it, it seemed cheap, with no special effects, with no famous stars. So, it was actually without pledge of success. I guess, not only I am having the same logic, that's why the greatest films usually live in the shadows. However, the phenomenon of this film remains unsolved for me. For everyday, farcical and sometimes comical events truth about the value of each person is hidden. His dreams and aspirations, abilities and opportunities, thoughts and actions. It is true that every day is unique, and we're just wasting these days for nothing, it sounds like a death sentence from a doctor in a hospital room. Therefore you'd jump off the bed, and run away as characters of the film did when they knew about their untreatable disease. So, let`s move to the plot of the film.

“- I have never been to the ocean.
- That can't be true! You have never ever been to the ocean? - Never - ever!
- Both of us are knocking on heaven’s door, drinking tequila, we are biting-the-dust experts - and you have never - ever been to the ocean! - Never - ever!
- Don't you know how it is when you arrive in heaven? In heaven that's all they talk about - the ocean - and how wonderful it is…” This is the key dialog of main characters of the film, Rudi and Martin. They are two absolutely different people. They are different, even in such trifles as one loves to smoke and thinks that it`s make...
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